Right Problem. Wrong Solution.

Protecting our Colorado Way of Life and planning for the future together is a Lakewood tradition. Responsible growth has long been the goal of Lakewood residents.


Question 200 will undermine our community values of parks and open spaces, mixed use, quality transportation and sustainable development. Instead, it creates more traffic, and destroy open spaces by encouraging development on undeveloped land around our city.


Please join your neighbors, small businesses, environmentalists, and more in VOTING NO ON 200.

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Addressing Growth Challenges Together

Vote no on question 200

Question 200 Causes Sprawl

Sprawl contributes to greater CO2 emissions and other pollutants with longer commutes, contributing to public health issues like asthma, gobbles up open space, destroys farmland and habitat for plants and animals, wastes precious water resources with inefficient use, requires the development of costly infrastructure, worsens flood damage and has even been shown to increase obesity with more time spent in the car.


Question 200 Raises Cost of Living

People are being left out of the dream. They can’t afford to live here.  Limiting housing supply in an area with high demand drives up the cost, it’s the Law of Supply and Demand.  Increased housing costs will harm families that are just starting out, working millennials, retirees ready to down size. It will harm existing residents with increased costs of living.  


Lakewood currently has a mix of housing options, where regular, working people can afford to live.  This socioeconomic mix is part of what makes Lakewood great, and is a value in our comprehensive plan.  Question 200 would turn Lakewood into an exclusive community where only the rich can afford to live.

Question 200 Lacks Transparency

The financial sponsors, original drafters and backers remain undisclosed.  Our community deserves 100% transparency. With more than $17,074.42 of undisclosed financial contributions for paid signature gatherers and legal fees, there is zero transparency behind this measure, and leaves our community questioning who is really behind Question 200.

Question 200 Creates More Traffic

By encouraging sprawl development, Question 200 would lead to more traffic by necessitating the use of the automobile for transportation.  





How does Lakewood plan for growth? 

Residents participated in a two year public planning process to create a long term planning document, called Lakewood 2025: Moving Forward Together. The primary goals set by the community include: preserving open space, preserving neighborhood character, sustainability, economic development, and quality transportation options. 


There is a sane way to make land use policy, and then there is question 200. Question 200 does nothing to address quality, traffic, affordability, open space, or the differences between Colfax and Green Mountain. Together we can create sound public policy to address our growth challenges.


  • Encourage reinvestment and reuse of previously developed sites like unused office space and retail, not encourage development on green space.

  • Encourage development in smart locations along light rail, where growth makes sense, not encourage sprawl that leads to more traffic.

  • Create land use policy that takes into account the various needs of our community, from Colfax, to Green Mountain.  We can incentivize growth where we want it, and protect the character of our existing neighborhoods.

  • Increase quality, design and sustainability standards.

  • Encourage walkable, mixed use communities, not sprawl.

  • Purchase and protect new acres of Open Space, adding to the 7200 acres of Open Space in Lakewood.

  • Invest in sidewalks, bike lanes, light rail, AND quality roads to manage traffic.


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NO ON 200!


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